Real Estate Transactions for Good

Beneficial Ventures is a real estate company that uses transaction commission dollars to generate revenue to fund causes doing good work.  

We pledge 10% or more of our commissions to sustainability projects focused on the environment, education and community building as part of our Beneficial Re-Investment Fund. 

Each investment comes from a portion of the broker's commission that is re-invested to a cause of need.

Beneficial Reinvestment Recipients

The Cloudbase Foundation works to link the paragliding community to the land and people who are in need located where they launch their wings. Pilots and supporters of the pilots donate time, energy, and money to impact the locations in which they fly all across the world.

Forterra secures land for permanent conservation. With a deep history in the Pacific Northwest, Forterra acquires land, creates sustainable plans to care for that land, and creates and improves community and livability on those lands. They have secured over 275,000 acres in more than 450 land transactions since being founded in 1989.

The Nyima Project’s goal is to radically change the life course for a Nepalese family of ‘Untouchables.’ Untouchables are persons in the lowest caste system in Asia and in just a few places people are breaking free of this age-old oppression. The primary way to change the life course of this family is through education, and as a result of revenue brought by the film the project was able to provide a school for Nyima’s family. The Nyima Project is supported by Karma Flights, and The Cloudbase Foundation, both are non-profits founded by Matt Cone, one of the founders of Beneficial Ventures.

Portland Homeless Family Solutions provides housing and resources for families experiencing homelessness. The grant given to this foundation contributed to the $3.3 million needed to accomplish their goal to purchase a property to expand their support to families in need.

Puget Soundkeeper Alliance has a mission to protect and preserve the waters of the Puget Sound. Founded in 1984, the organization patrols waterways, improves water treatment facilities, takes legal action agains Clean Water Act violators, awards certifications to clean marinas, engages volunteers in advocacy, and much much more.

Save Our Wild Salmon is committed to protecting and restoring abundant, sustainable, fishable populations of salmon and steelhead across the Pacific Northwest region benefiting both the people and supporting our ecosystems. Their two primary goals are to 1) Secure a durable, lawful, science-based federal plan. 2) Secure a modernized US / Canada Colombia River Treaty.

Stewardship Partners engages the communities they serve in efforts that take care of the land and waters that sustain them. One of their projects, known as Salmon Safe, certifies sites and provides accreditation to practices that improve water quality and salmon habitat for public endorsement of environmental performance. In addition to being a stand-alone program, Salmon-Safe certification contributes to the point system of other high-performance building certifications such as LEED and Built Green.

Washington Kids in Transition focuses on supporting families in Snohomish County, Washington who are experiencing homelessness or are at risk. They provide thousands of snack bags per week to children being bussed across town to and from school to their transitional housing. Spending hours on the bus each day, these snack bags provide vital nourishment to the children which sometimes becomes their dinner. The organization also provides hotel vouchers for temporary housing, rent deposits, rent assistance, assistance with basic needs such as toiletries and hygiene products.