Commercial Real Estate Services

Our agents provide a breadth of services from buying to selling, and leasing income producing property including: commercial, retail, industrial, farms, office, and multifamily. We work especially closely with environmentally certified property to understand and contextualize value. We build relationships, and invest our time to complete the best deals for our clients. Many clients have worked with us for over a decade, as their needs evolve while building their portfolios.



Whether you are looking to buy, sell or invest we have years of experience in multifamily transactions to find the most beneficial property. 



Our agents are constant students of the Pacific Northwest Region and are dedicated to meeting the needs of our clients through this thorough approach. 

Tenant Leasing

We have served a wide variety of clients over the years with a breadth of different needs giving us a balanced perspective on how to serve many types of businesses. 



Performing extensive site searches, we personalize the journey for business owners because ultimately we know, its all about location, location, location.


Across all aspects of building a real estate portfolio, we advise clients on the path to take whether they are new to the industry, building a portfolio or optimizing returns. 



We coordinate all the details for you with an industrial lease, sale or purchase - from feasibility studies to architects plans we cover everything so you can rest easy.