Joy in Giving: Supporting Homeless Families in Snohomish County


On a Friday evening in a Northgate hotel ballroom Nicole Allen, founding member of Beneficial Ventures, helped host a community celebration that doubled as a snack packing party for children in need in Snohomish County Washington. A monetary donation given to Washington Kids in Transition by Beneficial Ventures was turned in to thousands of individually wrapped snacks for the packing party, and largely made the effort possible.

In just over a half hour, around 4,000 individually wrapped food items were wrapped in snack bags, ready to be distributed to children who spend hours a day on school busses.


The donation arrived in all its glory via where we could easily choose food items that work well for the children.

Mostly sticking to organic where possible the food items are specific to the needs of the children, with guidance from Washington Kids in Transition.

Each bag was packed with the following items:

  1. Protein power. Includes anything from a jerky, mac and cheese, to a protein bar.

  2. Fruity sweet. Organic apple sauce, organic fruity snacks, or orange cups.

  3. Salty/Crunchy. All the favorites, goldfish, cheese its, and cheese/cracker combos.

  4. The secret ingredient. JOY! (and a note) This is where the love comes in, adding something special to the bag.


Joy Notes

Positive messages infused with love, encouragement, and hope went into the bags packed. We used colorful pens, stickers and bright messages to add a little heart to the snacks.

The organization

Washington Kids in Transition is a 501(c)3 non-profit based out of Snohomish County, Washington. They ensure kids and families experiencing homelessness have access to food, education, and housing resources.

Through its donations, Beneficial Ventures is currently collecting funds supporting two resource drives with Washington Kids in Transition:

  1. Food as a necessity. Over 30,000 snack bags are provided to at risk children every year. Transitional housing is located all over the county, and the children attend the original school from before they moved. Because of this many children spend hours on the bus, and these snack bags provide much needed nourishment.

  2. Gift Card Drive. All families love to have a treat or something special to share around the holidays. This gift card drive allows families in the Wa Kids program to receive $10 gift cards that they can choose how to spend.

With the holidays coming up, the Gift Card Drive is the current focus. If you would like to contribute to this drive click below to be taken to the online funds option: